My highest praise goes to the sliced sourdough bread. It’s so good and makes the visit worthwhile.
— The Californian
It’s a popularity that feels easy to understand... [they’ve] revitalized an historic space and turned it into something fresh: a from-scratch bakery with a classic car aesthetic that prioritizes local, organic ingredients.
— Monterey County Weekly
The Bakery Station is a great, cute, retro bakery and sandwich shop and I would highly recommend it. I feel like in the town of Salinas, it would be easy to settle for fast food of some kind, but please give this place a try. The two ladies working were extremely friendly, the decor is very charming (love the rest room retro americana art), and the sandwiches we had were great. They get extra points for having such an interesting vegetarian sandwich (the VW I think) that actually has some flavor... what an idea!
— Alex B, Yelp user